Customs procedure is an extremely important part and a great influence to the progress of every shipment.

Our comprehensive service provides one stop customs clearance solution provider, for all transport modes, import and export. We are committed to simplifying your customs process as much as possible, minimizing risk, controlling cost and optimizing customs clearance time.

Fast action and urgent response in all cases (including national holidays).

League Global Logistics has an experienced customs clearance team who deeply understand several customs clearance types like: trading, manufacturing, processing and on spot import-export, ...

We also deliver goods and services for CO, Phyto, Health Certificate, import permission, ... which are related to both local and global regulation. 

•Customs clearance services for export – import of commercial goods.

•Customs procedures for goods temporarily imported for re-export.

•Customs clearance services for processing goods.

•Customs clearance services for import and export on the spot.

•Customs clearance services for non-commercial goods, …

•Specialized inspection services such as Import & Export Permit, quarantine of plants – animals, sterilization of export goods, inspection, ...

•Services providing announcement of food products and cosmetics, declaration of imported chemicals, regulation conformity services and announcement of product regulation.

•Applying for C / O of forms: Form A, Form B, Form D, Form E, Form AANZ, Form AK, Form AJ, …

•Services of packing bales of wood, sparse wood, pallet, …

•Transportation service from port to enterprise warehouse by truck, heavy truck and container truck.

•Import and export customs services and necessary import-export services.

•Import-export service door to door.

Besides that, we are experienced in the relocation of a wide range of specialized items, including foods (frozen foods, processing foods), medical equipment , medicine, fresh fruits, machinery (used) … 

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LGL is currently providing professional, fast and cost-effective CUSTOMS SERVICES for customers with the most optimal clearance time possible.


By air or by sea? LGL supports direct delivery to the destination, factory or warehouse with fast, reliable and accurate service worldwide.


LGL provides a truly professional international shipping service with competitive prices, the fastest, safest and most economical international shipping worldwide and a free consultation service on international shipping.


The safety of customers' goods is one of LGL's top priorities. . The customs declaration and delivery all comply with the import and export delivery process. Customers can be assured of goods safety when using LGL's services.